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Staging and Presentation of Your Home for Sale!

One thing you can do to make sure your house is ready for sale and makes the best first impression with buyers, is to go through and make sure that it's staged and presented properly for sale. Oft times a little effort and small expenses will make a difference between getting an offer or not, and even getting more money if you do these things, List your house with Steed Real Estate, and Ron and Marti will look over your house and property and make suggestions on where and what to do to stage and get the best presentation of your property and house for selling..

Here are some of the Steed Real Estate basics:

  • Declutter! Put things away, get rid of things. Clutter takes away from buyers seeing the rooms and makes it hard to imagine the space. It makes rooms look smaller too.
  • Depersonalize - put away family photos, awards, religious items, etc. Attractive wall hangings are OK and encouraged,
  • Consider rearranging furniture into groupings that allow better traffic flow and for rooms to be seen better.
  • Clean everything! A messy kitchen or bathroom is a real turn off. Make things sparkle, clean all the windows (inside and outside) and lighting fixtures.
  • Open drapes, shades and turn lights on. A lighter brighter house is far more appealing. Brighter light bulbs will help.
  • Consider freshly painting with neutral paints. A fresh coat of paint really brightens up a room and natural/neutral colors are the best. You might love your electric blue wall, but buyers might not! Sometimes an accent wall, if tastefully done though, is a plus.
  • Eliminate odors. Clean, change cat litter boxes often, get fresh air in, boil cinnamon sticks, bake fresh cookies or a pie before showings and open houses.
  • Make up your beds, hang your towels up neat, straighten up cushions, make sure laundry is all put away.
  • Consider having fresh cut flowers in strategic places, like the kitchen, dining room, etc. Put a bowl of fresh fruit out in the kitchen.
  • Closets should not be overstuffed, some spare space indicates that they are large enough.
  • Clean and polish flooring. Clean and deodorize carpeting.
  • Repair anything broken, not working, leaking, cracked, worn or otherwise in need of repair. Get rid of worn out furniture.
  • Put away toys. Neatly stored toys are OK.
  • Set the dining room table, it looks inviting. Add a bouquet of flowers to really top it off.
  • The key rooms to focus on, though all should be staged and cleaned up, are the living room, dining room, kitchen, MBR and bathrooms.
  • Set your porch up with tasteful furniture, you want it to look inviting, relaxing.
  • Cut the lawn, trim your trees and shrubs. Consider planting flowers outside for color, Consider hiring an arborist if you need trees and shrubs cut properly.
  • Fresh mulch, often as little as $3-5 a bag, will liven up flower beds and areas around the house.
  • Power wash your siding, sidewalks, and driveway. If driveway blacktop needs it, reseal it with a fresh coat of black sealant.
  • Hang up a hammock and other nicely arranged outdoor furniture, you want your yard to be appealing.
  • Steed Real Estate offers staging and presentation advice for our sellers to show off their properties in the best way. There's no chance to make a second - first impression. Make sure buyers are impressed with your property the first time they see it

From the Hudson Valley, Marti Doyle Steed

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